Profile (CV) of the research teaching staff

Royo Montañés, Sonia
Department: Departamento de Contabilidad y Finanzas
Field: Economía Financiera y Contabilidad
Faculty: Facultad de Economía y Empresa

Academic position: Prof. Titular Univ.

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Journal articles

  • Bonsón, Enrique; Royo, Sonia; Cambra, Esther. Análisis del uso de Facebook a nivel municipal. Una aplicación a municipios españoles. REVISTA DEL CLAD REFORMA Y DEMOCRACIA. 2018

  • Garcia-Lacalle, Javier; Royo, Sonia; Yetano, Ana. Stewards in an “Odd” Kingdom. Performance and Remuneration of the Boards of Directors of NHS Foundation Trusts. INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL. 2018

  • Yetano, A.; Royo, S. Keeping Citizens Engaged: A Comparison Between Online and Offline Participants. ADMINISTRATION & SOCIETY. 2017

  • Pina, V.; Torres, L.; Royo, S. Comparing online with offline citizen engagement for climate change: findings from Austria, Germany and Spain. GOVERNMENT INFORMATION QUARTERLY. 2017

  • Bonsón, E.; Royo, S.; Ratkai, M. Facebook Practices in Western European Municipalities: An Empirical Analysis of Activity and Citizens’ Engagement. ADMINISTRATION & SOCIETY. 2017

  • Royo, S.; Yetano, A. “Crowdsourcing” as a tool for e-participation: two experiences regarding CO2 emissions at municipal level. ELECTRONIC COMMERCE RESEARCH. 2015

  • Bonsón,E.; Royo,S.; Ratkai,M. Citizens'' engagement on local governments'' facebook sites. an empirical analysis: The impact of different media and content types in western europe. GOVERNMENT INFORMATION QUARTERLY. 2015

  • Royo, S.; Yetano, A.; Acerete, B. E-Participation and Environmental Protection: Are Local Governments Really Committed?. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REVIEW. 2014

  • Bonsón,E.;Torres,L.;Royo,S.;Flores,F. Local e-government 2.0: Social media and corporate transparency in municipalities. GOVERNMENT INFORMATION QUARTERLY. 2012

  • Martí, Caridad; Royo, Sonia; Acerete, Basilio. The effect of new legislation on the disclosure of performance indicators. The case of Spanish local governments. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. 2012

  • Royo, S.;Yetano, A. ;Acerete, B. Citizen participation in German and Spanish local governments: A comparative study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. 2011

  • García-Lacalle, J.;Pina, V. ;Royo, S. The unpromising quality and evolution of Spanish public hospital web sites. ONLINE INFORMATION REVIEW. 2011

  • Pina, V.;Torres, L. ;Royo, S. Is e-government promoting convergence towards more accountable local governments?. INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL. 2010

  • Yetano, A.;Royo, S. ;Acerete, B. What is driving the increasing presence of citizen participation initiatives?. ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING C-GOVERNMENT AND POLICY. 2010

  • Pina, Vicente; Torres, Lourdes; Royo, Sonia. Is e-government leading to more accountable and transparent local governments? An overall view. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY & MANAGEMENT. 2010

  • Pina, Vicente; Torres, Lourdes; Royo, Sonia. E-government evolution in EU local governments: a comparative perspective. ONLINE INFORMATION REVIEW. 2009

  • Pina, Vicente; Torres, Lourdes; Royo, Sonia. Are ICTs improving transparency and accountability in the EU regional and local governments? An empirical study. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. 2007

  • Torres, Lourdes;Pina, Vicente;Royo, Sonia. E-government and the transformation of public administrations in EU countries: Beyond NPM or just a second wave of reforms?. ONLINE INFORMATION REVIEW. 2005

Scientific chapters

  • Evaluating Public (e-)Information Provision. Acerete, B.; Yetano, A.; Royo, S. EVALUATING E-PARTICIPATION. 2016

  • Facebook use in Western European Local Governments. An Overall View. Bonsón, Enrique; Ratkai, Melinda; Royo, Sonia. SOCIAL MEDIA AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. THEORY AND PRACTICE. 2016

  • Perceptions About the Effectiveness of E-participation. A Multistakeholder Perspective. Royo, Sonia; Yetano, Ana; Acerete, Basilio. MEASURING E-GOVERNMENT EFFICIENCY. THE OPINIONS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATORS AND OTHER STAKEHOLDERS. 2014

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