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Urbiztondo Castro, Miguel Ángel

ORCID number: 0000-0002-4931-1358

Research interests
  • Nanotecnología
  • Zeolitas y materiales porosos
  • Nanomateriales
  • Tecnología química

  • Licenciado en Ciencias Químicas Especialidad Química Industrial. Universidad de Zaragoza. 2005

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Journal articles

  • Lafuente, M.; Pellejero, I.; Sebastián, V.; Urbiztondo, M.A.; Mallada, R.; Pina, M.P.; Santamaría, J. Highly sensitive SERS quantification of organophosphorous chemical warfare agents: A major step towards the real time sensing in the gas phase. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL. 2018

  • Almazán, F.; Pellejero, I.; Morales, A.; Urbiztondo, M.A.; Sesé, J.; Pina, M.P.; Santamaría, J. Zeolite based microconcentrators for volatile organic compounds sensing at trace-level: fabrication and performance. JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING. 2016

  • Pina Iritia, M.P.; Almazán, F.; Eguizábal, A.; Pellejero, I.; Urbiztondo, M.; Sesé, J.; Santamaría, J.; García-Romeo, D.; Calvo, B.; Medrano, N. Explosives Detection by Array of Si µ -Cantilevers Coated with Titanosilicate-Type Nanoporous Materials. IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL. 2016

  • García-Romeo, D.; Calvo, B.; Medrano, N.; Pina, M.P.; Almazán, F.; Pellejero, I.; Urbiztondo, M.; Sesé, J.; Santamaría, J;. Portable lock-in amplifier for microcantilever based sensor array. Application to explosives detection using Co-BEA type zeolites as sensing materials. PROCEEDINGS OF IEEE SENSORS ... 2014

  • Pellejero, I.; Urbiztondo, M. A.; Pina, M. P.; Santamaría, J. Reinforced SIL-1 micromembranes integrated on chip: APPLICATION to CO2 separation. JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE. 2014

  • Eguizábal, A.; Urbiztondo, M.A.; Pina, M.P. Pt based catalytic coatings on poly(benzimidazole) micromonoliths for indoor quality control. CATALYSIS TODAY. 2014

  • García-Romeo, D.; Pellejero, I.; Urbiztondo, M. A.; Sesé, J.; Pina, M. P.; Martínez, P. A.; Calvo, B.; Medrano, N. Portable low-power electronic interface for explosive detection using microcantilevers. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL. 2014

  • Pina, M.P.; Almazán, F.; Eguizábal, A.; Pellejero, I.; Urbiztondo, M.; Sesé, J.; Santamaría, J.; García-Romeo, D.; Calvo, B.; Medrano, N.;. Explosives detection by array of Si µ-cantilevers coated with titanosilicate type nanoporous materials. PROCEEDINGS OF IEEE SENSORS ... 2014

  • Urbiztondo, M.A.; Peralta, A.; Pellejero, I.; Sesé, J.; Pina, M.P.; Dufour, I.; Santamaría, J. Detection of organic vapours with Si cantilevers coated with inorganic (zeolites) or organic (polymer) layers. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL. 2012

  • Pellejero, I.; Agustí, J.; Urbiztondo, M.A.; Sesé J.; Pina M.P.; Santamaría J.; Abadal, G. Nanoporous Silicalite-only Cantilevers as Micromechanical Sensors: fabrication, resonance response and VOCs sensing performance. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL. 2012

  • Marin, I.; Adrover, E.; Vega, D.; Urbiztondo, M.; Pina, M.P.; Mallada, R.; Santamaría, J. Fast microwave synthesis of Pt-MFI zeolite coatings on silicon micromonoliths: Application to VOC catalytic combustion. GREEN PROCESSING AND SYNTHESIS. 2012

  • Eguizábal, A.; Lemus, J.; Roda, V.; Urbiztondo, M.; Barreras, F.; Pina, M.P. Nanostructured electrolyte membranes based on zeotypes, protic ionic liquids and porous PBI membranes: Preparation, characterization and MEA testing. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY. 2012

  • Eguizábal,A.;Lemus,J.;Urbiztondo,M.;Garrido,O.;Soler,J.;Blazquez,J. A.;Pina,M. P. Novel hybrid membranes based on polybenzimidazole and ETS-10 titanosilicate type material for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells: A comprehensive study on dense and porous systems. JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES. 2011

  • Urbiztondo,M.;Pellejero,I.;Rodriguez,A.;Pina,M. P.;Santamaria,J. Zeolite-coated interdigital capacitors for humidity sensing. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL. 2011

  • Pina, M.P.; Mallada, R.; Arruebo, M.; Urbiztondo, M.; Navascués, N.; de la Iglesia, O.; Santamaria, J. . Zeolite films and membranes. Emerging applications. MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS. 2011

  • Eguizábal, A.; Lemus, J; Urbiztondo, M; Moschovi, A.M; Ntais, S; Soler, J; Pina, M.P. Ammonium based ionic liquids immobilized in large pore zeolites: Encapsulation procedures and proton conduction performance. JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES. 2011

  • Agustí, J.; Pellejero, I.; Abadal, G.; Murillo, G.; Urbiztondo, M.; Sesé, J.; Villarroya-Gaudó, M.; Pina, M.; Santamaría, J.; Barniol, N. . Optical vibrometer for mechanical properties characterization of silicalite-only cantilever based sensors. MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING. 2010

  • Urbiztondo, M. A.; Pellejero,I.; Villarroya,M.; Sese,J.; Pina, M. P.; Dufour,I.; Santamaria,J. Zeolite-Modified Cantilevers for the Sensing of Nitrotoluene Vapors. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL. 2009

  • Pellejero, I.; Urbiztondo,M.; Villarroya,M.; Sese,J.; Pina,M. P.; Santamaria,J. Development of Etching Processes for the Micropatterning of Silicalite Films. MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS. 2008

  • Sancho, T.; Lemus,J.; Urbiztondo,M.; Soler,J.; Pina,M. P. Zeolites and Zeotype Materials as Efficient Barriers for Methanol Cross-Over in DMFCs. MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS. 2008

  • Pellejero, I.;Urbiztondo,M.;Izquierdo,D.;Irusta,S.;Salinas,I.;Pina,M. P. An Optochemical Humidity Sensor Based on Immobilized Nile Red in Y Zeolite. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH. 2007

  • Urbiztondo, M. A.;Valera, E.;Trifonov, T.;Alcubilla, R.;Irusta, S.;Pina, M. P.;Rodriguez, A.;Santamaria, J. Development of Microstructured Zeolite Films as Highly Accessible Catalytic Coatings for Microreactors. JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS. 2007

  • Urbiztondo,M.; Rusta,S.; Mallada,R.; Pina,A. P.; Santamaria,J. Evaluation of optical and dielectrical properties of the zeolites. DESALINATION. 2006

Conference presentations

  • Pina,M. P.;Pellejero,I.;Urbiztondo,M.;Sesé,J.;Santamaría,J. Explosives detection using nanoporous coatings. PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR OPTICAL ENGINEERING. 2011


  • Isabel Fonts Amador, Óscar de la Iglesia Pedraza, Miguel Urbiztondo Castro, Javier del Valle Melendo. Tecnologías del medio ambiente. 2014

Scientific chapters

  • GRACE: Development of Pd-Zeolite composite membranes for hydrogen production by membrane reactor. M. Menendez; M.P. Pina; M.A. Urbiztondo; L. Casado; M. Boutonnet; S. Rojas; S. Nassos. GRACE: DEVELOPMENT OF PD-ZEOLITE COMPOSITE MEMBRANES FOR HYDROGEN PRODUCTION BY MEMBRANE REACTOR. 2005

  • Gas Sensing with Silicon-Based Nanoporous Solids. M. Urbiztondo; M.P. Pina; J. Santamaria. ORDERED POROUS SOLIDS. 0

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