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Merseguer Hernaiz, José Javier
Department: Departamento de Informática e Ingeniería de Sistemas
Field: Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos
Faculty: Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura


Number of 6-year periods of research productivity evaluation
  • CNEAI research evaluation. 01/01/20
  • CNEAI research evaluation. 01/01/19
  • CNEAI research evaluation. 01/01/19
  • Acpua. 20/04/11. (46)
  • Acpua. 02/07/07. (26)
Academic position: Prof. Titular Univ.
Office phone: 963652936
ORCID number: 0000-0002-8917-6584

  • Doctor Ingeniero en Informática. Universidad de Zaragoza. 2003

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Journal articles

  • Requeno, J.I.; Merseguer, J.; Bernardi, S.; Perez-Palacin, D.; Giotis, G.; Papanikolaou, V. Quantitative Analysis of Apache Storm Applications: The NewsAsset Case Study. INFORMATION SYSTEMS FRONTIERS. 2018

  • Bernardi, Simona; Domínguez, J.; Gómez, A.; Joubert, C.; Merseguer, José; Perez-Palacín, D.; Requeno, J.; Romeu, A. A systematic approach for performance assessment using process mining. An industrial experience report. EMPIRICAL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. 2018

  • Bernardi, S.; Marrone, S.; Merseguer, J.; Nardone, R.; Vittorini, V. Towards a model-driven engineering approach for the assessment of non-functional properties using multi-formalism. SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS MODELING. 2018

  • Perez-Palacin, Diego; Mirandola, Raffaela; Merseguer, José. Accurate Modeling and Efficient QoS Analysis of Scalable Adaptive Systems under Bursty Workload. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE. 2017

  • Merseguer, J.; Binder, W.; Murphy, J. Guest Editorial: Automation in Software Performance Engineering. AUTOMATED SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. 2017

  • Gentile, Ugo; Bernardi, Simona; Marrone, Stefano; Merseguer, José; Vittorini, Valeria. A model driven approach for assessing survivability requirements of critical infrastructures. JOURNAL OF HIGH SPEED NETWORKS. 2017

  • Bernardi, Simona; Dranca, Lacramioara; Merseguer, José. A model-driven approach to survivability requirements assessment for critical systems. PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART O, JOURNAL OF RISK AND RELIABILITY. 2016

  • Rodríguez, Ricardo; Merseguer, José; Bernardi, Simona. Modelling Security of Critical Infrastructures: A Survivability Assessment. COMPUTER JOURNAL. 2015

  • Gómez-Martínez, Elena; Linaje Trigueros, Marino; Sánchez-Figueroa, Fernando; Iglesias-Pérez, Andrés; Preciado, Juan Carlos; González-Cabero, Rafael; Meseguer Hernaiz, José Javier. A semantic approach for designing assistive Software Recommender systems. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE. 2015

  • Bernardi,S.; Dranca,L.; Merseguer,J. Modelling and verification of survivability requirements for critical systems. LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2015

  • Gomez-Martinez, Elena; Gonzalez-Cabero, Rafael; Merseguer, José. Performance assessment of an architecture with adaptative interfaces for people with special needs. EMPIRICAL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. 2014

  • Woodside, C. Murray; Petriu, Dorina C.; Merseguer, José; Petriu, Dorin Bogdan; Alhaj, Mohammad. Transformation challenges: from software models to performance models. SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS MODELING. 2014

  • Perez-Palacin, Diego; Mirandola, Raffaela; Merseguer, José. On the relationships between QoS and software adaptability at the architectural level. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE. 2014

  • Rodríguez, Ricardo J.; Artal, Juan Antonio; Merseguer, José. Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Frameworks. IEEE LATIN AMERICA TRANSACTIONS. 2014

  • Rodríguez, Ricardo J.; Júlvez, Jorge; Merseguer, José. On the Performance Estimation and Resource Optimisation in Process Petri Nets. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS. SYSTEMS. 2013

  • Rodríguez, R.J.; Júlvez, J.; Merseguer, J. Quantification and compensation of the impact of faults in system throughput. PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART O, JOURNAL OF RISK AND RELIABILITY. 2013

  • Bernardi,S.; Flammini,F.; Marrone,S.; Mazzocca,N.; Merseguer,J.; Nardone,R.; Vittorini,V. Enabling the usage of UML in the verification of railway systems: The DAM-rail approach. RELIABILITY ENGINEERING AND SYSTEM SAFETY. 2013

  • Bernardi,S.;Merseguer,J.;Petriu,D. C. Dependability modeling and assessment in UML-based software development. THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL. 2012

  • Merseguer,J.;Bernardi,S. Dependability analysis of DES based on MARTE and UML state machines models. DISCRETE EVENT DYNAMIC SYSTEMS-THEORY AND APPLICATIONS. 2012

  • Perez-Palacin,D.;Mirandola,R.;Merseguer,J. QoS and energy management with Petri nets: A self-adaptive framework. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE. 2012

  • Bernardi, S.;Merseguer, J.;Petriu, D. C. Dependability modeling and analysis of software systems specified with UML. ACM COMPUTING SURVEYS. 2012

  • Bernardi, S.; Merseguer, J.; Petriu, D. C. A dependability profile within MARTE. SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS MODELING. 2011

  • Bernardi,S.;Flammini,F.;Marrone,S.;Merseguer,J.;Papa,C.;Vittorini,V. Model-driven availability evaluation of railway control systems. LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2011

  • Perez-Palacin, D.;Merseguer, J. Performance Evaluation of Self-reconfigurable Service-oriented Software With Stochastic Petri Nets. ELECTRONIC NOTES IN THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2010

  • Gomez-Martinez, Elena; Merseguer, José. Performance Modeling and Analysis of the Universal Control Hub. LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2010

  • Bernardi, S.; Merseguer, J. Performance Evaluation of UML Design with Stochastic Well-Formed Nets. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE. 2007

  • Gomez-Martinez,E.; Merseguer,J. ArgoSPE: Model-based software performance engineering. LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2006

  • Campos,J.;Merseguer,J. On the integration of UML and Petri nets in software development. LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2006

  • Bernardi, S.; Merseguer, J. QoS assessment via stochastic analysis. IEEE INTERNET COMPUTING. 2006

  • Gomez-Martinez, Elena; Merseguer, José. Impact of SOAP Implementations in the Performance of a Web Service-Based Application. LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2006

  • López-Grao, Juan-Pablo; Merseguer, José; Campos, Javier. From UML activity diagrams to stochastic Petri nets: Application to software performance engineering. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING NOTES. 2004

  • Merseguer, J.;Campos, J.;Mena, E. Analysing Internet Software Retrieval Systems: Modeling and Performance Comparison. WIRELESS NETWORKS. 2003

Conference presentations

  • Rodríguez, R. J.;Júlvez, J.;Merseguer, J. PeabraiN: A PIPE extension for performance estimation and resource optimisation - Tool paper. PROCEEDINGS - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON APPLICATION OF CONCURRENCY TO SYSTEM DESIGN. 2012


  • Model-Driven Dependability Assessment of Software Systems. Bernardi, Simona; Merseguer, José; Petriu, Dorina. 2013

Scientific chapters

  • Towards the Performance Analysis of Apache Tez Applications. Requeno, J.I.; Gascón, I.; Merseguer, José. PROCEEDING ICPE '18 COMPANION OF THE 2018 ACM/SPEC INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING. 2018

  • Performance Analysis of Apache Storm Applications using Stochastic Petri Nets. Requeno Jarabo, José Ignacio; Merseguer, José; Bernardi, Simona. PROCEEDINGS 5TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON FORMAL METHODS INTEGRATION. 2017

  • Towards a UML profile for data intensive applications. Gómez Llana, Abel; Meseguer Hernaiz, José Javier; Di Nitto, Elisabetta; Tamburri, Damian. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2ND INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON QUALITY-AWARE DEVOPS. 2016

  • A Meta-Model-Based Approach to the Definition of the Analysis Results of Petri-Net Models. Bernardi , Simona; Merseguer, José. THEORY AND APPLICATION OF MULTI-FORMALISM MODELING. 2013

  • Performance Analysis of Mobile Agents Tracking. Gomez-Martinez, Elena; Ilarri, Sergio; Merseguer, José. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 6TH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON SOFTWARE AND PERFORMANCE. 2007

  • A Software Performance Engineering Tool based on the UML-SPT. Gomez Martinez, Maria Elena. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON QUANTITATIVE EVALUATION OF SYSTEMS (QEST 2005). 2005

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