Profile (CV) of the research teaching staff

Medrano Sánchez, Carlos Tomás
Department: Departamento de Ingeniería Electrónica y Comunicaciones
Field: Tecnología Electrónica
Faculty: Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de Teruel

Academic position: Prof. Titular Univ.

  • Doctor en el departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica, Electrónica y de Control. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia. 2015
  • Doctor en Ciencias (Físicas). Facultad de Ciencias. 1998
  • Docteur (specialité Physique). Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I. 1997
  • Licenciado en Ciencias (Físicas). Facultad de Ciencias. 1994

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Journal articles

  • Igual, R.; Miraftabzadeh, S.M.; Foiadelli, F.; Medrano, C. Quantification of feature importance in automatic classification of power quality distortions. PROCEEDINGS OF INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HARMONICS AND QUALITY OF POWER, ICHQP. 2020

  • Igual, R.; Medrano, C. Research challenges in real-time classification of power quality disturbances applicable to microgrids: A systematic review. RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS. 2020

  • García-Magariño, I.; Medrano, C.; Delgado, J. Estimation of missing prices in real-estate market agent-based simulations with machine learning and dimensionality reduction methods. NEURAL COMPUTING AND APPLICATIONS. 2019

  • Rodriguez, V.H.; Medrano, C.; Plaza, I.; Corella, C.; Abarca, A.; Julian, J.A. Comparison of Several Algorithms to Estimate Activity Counts with Smartphones as an Indication of Physical Activity Level. IRBM. 2019

  • Corella, Cristina;Zaragoza, Javier;Julian, Jose Antonio;Rodriguez-Ontiveros, Victor Hugo;Medrano, Carlos Tomas;Plaza, Inmaculada;Abarca-Sos, Alberto. Improving Physical Activity Levels and Psychological Variables on University Students in the Contemplation Stage. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH. 2019

  • Medrano Sánchez, Carlos; Igual-Catalán, Raúl; Rodríguez-Ontiveros, Victor H.; Plaza-García, Inmaculada. Circuit analysis of matrix-like resistor networks for eliminating crosstalk in pressure sensitive mats. IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL. 2019

  • Rodriguez, V.H.; Medrano, C.; Plaza, I. Embedded System Based on an ARM Microcontroller to Analyze Heart Rate Variability in Real Time Using Wavelets. WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS & MOBILE COMPUTING. 2018

  • Rodriguez, Víctor H.; Medrano, Carlos T.; Plaza, Inmaculada. Wearable sensors for measuring movement in short sessions of mindfulness sitting meditation: A pilot study. JOURNAL OF HEALTHCARE ENGINEERING. 2018

  • Medrano, C.; Igual, R.; García-Magariño, I.; Plaza, I.; Azuara, G. Combining novelty detectors to improve accelerometer-based fall detection. MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING & COMPUTING. 2017

  • Ibáñez, Francisco; Plaza, Inmaculada; Igual, Raúl; Medrano, Carlos; Arcega, Francisco. Incorporating a quality and innovation culture in daily teaching. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF WEB-BASED LEARNING AND TEACHING TECHNOLOGIES. 2017

  • Rodriguez, M.; Orrite, C.; Medrano, C. Space-time flexible kernel for recognizing activities from wearable cameras. LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2017

  • Plaza García, Inmaculada; Medrano Sánchez, Carlos; Sánchez Espílez, Ángel; García-Magariño, Iván; Azuara Guillén, Guillermo; García-Campayo, Javier. Development and initial evaluation of a mobile application to help with mindfulness training and practice. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INFORMATICS. 2017

  • Orrite, C.; Rodriguez, M.; Medrano, C. One-shot learning of temporal sequences using a distance dependent Chinese Restaurant Process. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PATTERN RECOGNITION. 2017

  • Rodríguez, Mario; Orrite, Carlos; Medrano, Carlos; Makris, Dimitrios. One-Shot Learning of Human Activity With an MAP Adapted GMM and Simplex-HMM. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CYBERNETICS. 2017

  • García-Magariño, Iván; Lombas, Andrés S.; Plaza, Inmaculada; Medrano, Carlos. ABS-SOCI: An Agent-Based Simulator of Student Sociograms. APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL. 2017

  • Rodriguez, M.; Orrite, C.; Medrano, C.; Makris, D. Fast Simplex-HMM for One-Shot Learning Activity Recognition. IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER VISION AND PATTERN RECOGNITION WORKSHOPS. 2017

  • Rodriguez, Mario; Orrite, Carlos; Medrano, Carlos; Makris, Dimitrios. A Time-Flexible-Kernel framework for video-based activity recognition. IMAGE AND VISION COMPUTING. 2016

  • Medrano, C.; Plaza, I.; Igual, R.; Sánchez, Á.; Castro, M. The effect of personalization on smartphone-based fall detectors. SENSORS (SWITZERLAND). 2016

  • García-Magariño, I.; Medrano, C.; Lombas, A.S.; Barrasa, A. A hybrid approach with agent-based simulation and clustering for sociograms. INFORMATION SCIENCES. 2016

  • Garcia Magariño, I.; Medrano, C.; Plaza, I.; Olivan, B. A smartphone-based system for detecting hand tremors in unconstrained environments. PERSONAL AND UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING. 2016

  • Herrera-Mercadal, Paola; Montero-Marin, Jesús; Plaza, Inmaculada; Medrano, Carlos; Andrés, Eva; López-Del-Hoyo, Yolanda; Gili, Margalida; García-Campayo, Javier. The efficacy and pattern of use of a computer-assisted programme for the treatment of anxiety: A naturalistic study using mixed methods in primary care in Spain. JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS. 2015

  • Rodriguez, M.; Medrano, C.; Herrero, E.; Orrite, C. Spectral clustering using friendship path similarity. LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2015

  • Igual, Raúl; Medrano Carlos; Plaza, Inmaculada. A comparison of public datasets for acceleration-based fall detection. MEDICAL ENGINEERING & PHYSICS. 2015

  • Medrano, C.; Igual, R.; Plaza, I.; Castro, M. Detecting Falls as Novelties in Acceleration Patterns Acquired with Smartphones. PLOS ONE. 2014

  • Igual, R.; Plaza, I.; Medrano, C.; Rubio, Ma. Personalizable mobile system adapted to assist dependent people. JOURNAL OF AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE AND SMART ENVIRONMENTS. 2014

  • Igual, R.; Medrano, C.; Plaza, I.; Orrite, C. Adaptive tracking algorithms to improve the use of computing resources. IET COMPUTER VISION. 2013

  • Plaza, I.; Igual, R.; Medrano, C.; Rubio, M.A. From companies to universities: Application of R&D&I concepts in higher education teaching. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EDUCATION. 2013

  • Igual, R.;Medrano, C.;Plaza, I. Challenges, issues and trends in fall detection systems. BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING ONLINE. 2013

  • Igual, R.;Plaza, I.;Martín, L.;Corbalan, M.;Medrano, C. Guidelines to Design Smartphone Applications for People with Intellectual Disability: A Practical Experience. ADVANCES IN INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS AND COMPUTING. 2013

  • Igual, R.;Medrano, C.;Martin, L.;Plaza, I. Mobile phone-based fall detectors: Ready for real-world scenarios?. COMMUNICATIONS IN COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCE. 2013

  • Rodriguez, Mario; Medrano, Carlos; Herrero, Elias; Orrite, Carlos. Transfer Learning of Human Poses for Action Recognition. LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2013

  • Martínez-Del-Rincón, J.;Orrite, C. ;Medrano, C. Rao-Blackwellised particle filter for colour-based tracking. PATTERN RECOGNITION LETTERS. 2011

  • Plaza, I. ;Martin, L. ; Martin, S. ; Medrano, C. Mobile applications in an aging society: Status and trends. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE. 2011

  • Arcega, F. J.;Plaza, I.;Medrano, C. T. Teaching to innovate in the master. ARBOR. 2011

  • Plaza, I.; Martín, L.; Martin, S.; Medrano, C. Mobile applications in an aging society: Status and trends. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE. 2011

  • Medrano, C.;Martínez, J.;Igual, R.;Herrero, J. E. ;Orrite, C. Gaussian approximation for tracking occluding and interacting targets. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL IMAGING AND VISION. 2010

  • Martinez-Del-Rincon, J.;Herrero-Jaraba, E.;Raul Gomez, J.;Orrite-Urunuela, C.;Medrano, C.;Montanes-Laborda, M. A. Multicamera Sport Player Tracking with Bayesian Estimation of Measurements. OPTICAL ENGINEERING. 2009

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  • Plaza, Inmaculada; Medrano, Carlos; Blesa, Alfonso. Analysis and implementation of the IEC 61131-3 software model under POSIX Real-Time Operating Systems. MICROPROCESSORS AND MICROSYSTEMS. 2006

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  • Baruchel, José; Medrano, Carlos; Schlenker, Michel. Synchrotron radiation topographic study of the thick ferromagnetic–fan interface in MnP. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS. 2005

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  • Ubé, Mariano; Plaza, Inmaculada; Medrano, Carlos; Blesa, Alfonso. Pilot tutorial project as a quality action. QUALITY ASSURANCE IN EDUCATION. 2003

  • Plaza García, I.;Medrano Sánchez, C.;Ubé Sanjuán, M. Normativa sobre Gestión de la I+D+I. FORUM CALIDAD. 2003

  • Plaza, Inmaculada;Medrano, Carlos; Blesa, Alfonso; Ubé, Mariano. Calidad, medioambiente y prevención en un grupo de I+D+I universitario especializado en T.IC. (Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación). ALTA DIRECCIÓN. 2003

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Conference presentations

  • Igual, R.; Medrano, C.; Arcega, F.J.; Mantescu, G. Integral mathematical model of power quality disturbances. PROCEEDINGS OF INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HARMONICS AND QUALITY OF POWER, ICHQP. 2018

  • Medrano, C.T.; Arias, I.; Blesa, A.; Plaza, I. Holographic couplers: A concrete design and experimental example. PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR OPTICAL ENGINEERING. 2003


  • Inmaculada Plaza García, Carlos Medrano Sánchez, Ana B. Posa Gómez. Calidad en actividades de I+D+i: aplicación en el sector de las TIC. 2010

  • Carlos T. Medrano Sánchez, Imnaculada Plaza García. Software libre para cálculo numérico. 2009

  • Inmaculada Plaza García, Carlos T. Medrano Sánchez, Mariano Ubé Sanjuán. Experiencia de mejora continua en la asignatura de electrónica digital. 2002

Scientific chapters

  • Evaluation of automatic power quality classification in microgrids operating in islanded mode. Igual Catalán, Raúl. 2019 IEEE MILAN POWERTECH. 2019

  • Integral mathematical model of power quality disturbances. Igual Catalán, Raúl; Medrano Sánchez, Carlos; Solsona Arcega, Francisco; Mantescu, Gabriela. 2018 18TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HARMONICS AND QUALITY OF POWER (ICHQP). 2018

  • Lab sessions of electrical circuit-analysis for blended learning education. Igual Catalán, Raúl; Medrano Sánchez, Carlos; Plaza García, Inmaculada. EDULEARN18 PROCEEDINGS. 2018

  • Blended learning in electronics and automation engineering: a study of software and hardware needs for practical teaching. Aragüés, R; Gil, E; Igual, R; Medrano, C; Delgado, J; Albiol, S; Romero, F; García, JC; Perez R;. EDULEARN17 PROCEEDINGS. 2017

  • Experiences using free software simulation tools in engineering higher education. Igual Catalán, Raúl; Marcuello Pablo, Juan José; Medrano Sánchez, Carlos Tomás; Plaza García, Inmaculada; García-Magariño García, Iván; Arcega Solsona, Francisco. EDULEARN16 PROCEEDINGS. 2016

  • Guidelines to Design Smartphone Applications for People with Intellectual Disability: A Practical Experience. Igual, Raul; Plaza, Inmaculada; Martin, Lourdes; Corbalan, Montserrat; Medrano, Carlos. AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE - SOFTWARE AND APPLICATIONS. 4TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE (ISAMI 2013). 2013

  • Mobile Phone-Based Fall Detectors: Ready for Real-World Scenarios?. Igual, Raul; Medrano, Carlos; Martin, Lourdes; Plaza, Inmaculada. HIGHLIGHTS ON PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF AGENTS AND MULTI-AGENT SYSTEMS. INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPS OF PAAMS 2013, SALAMANCA, SPAIN, MAY 22-24, 2013. PROCEEDINGS. 2013

  • Mobile Ubiquitous System Adapted to Locate Disabled and Old People Living in Rural Areas. Igual, Raúl; Plaza, Inmaculada; Medrano Sánchez, Carlos Tomás. UBICOMM 2013, THE SEVENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MOBILE UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING, SYSTEMS, SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES. 2013

  • Transfer Learning of Human Poses for Action Recognition. Mario Rodríguez;Carlos Medrano;Elías Herrero;Carlos Orrite. HUMAN BEHAVIOR UNDERSTANDING. 2013

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: Learning from experience by means of practical cases Medrano Sánchez, Carlos Tomás. TECHNOLOGIES APPLIED TO ELECTRONICS TEACHING (TAEE), 2012 2012


  • Occlusion Management in Sequential Mean Field Monte Carlo Methods. Medrano, C.; Igual, R.; Orrite, C.; Plaza, I. PATTERN RECOGNITION AND IMAGE ANALYSIS. 2011

  • Occlusion Management in Sequential Mean Field Monte Carlo Methods. Medrano, Carlos; Igual, Raúl; Orrite, Carlos; Plaza, Inmaculada. PATTERN RECOGNITION AND IMAGE ANALYSIS 5TH IBERIAN CONFERENCE, IBPRIA 2011, LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, SPAIN, JUNE 8-10, 2011. PROCEEDINGS. 2011

  • I. Plaza García ... [et al.]. Una visión global de la utilización de las TIC a lo largo de todo el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje. BUENAS PRÁCTICAS EN LA DOCENCIA UNIVERSITARIA CON APOYO DE TIC: EXPERIENCIAS EN 2010. 2011

  • A review of electronic engineering design free software tools. Medrano Sánchez, Carlos Tomás; Plaza, Inmaculada; Castro, Manuel; García-Sevilla, F.; Martínez-Calero, J.D; Pou Felix, Josep; Corbalán, Monserrat. EDUCATION ENGINEERING (EDUCON), 2010 IEEE. 2010

  • Quality implementation in Electronic Engineering Education. Plaza, Inmaculada; Medrano Sánchez, Carlos Tomás; Arcega, Francisco; Catro, Manuel. EEE 36TH ASEE/IEEE FRONTIERS IN EDUCATION EDUCATION CONFERENCE. 2006

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