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Martín Montañés, Carlos
Departamento: Departamento de Microbiología, Pediatría, Radiología y Salud Pública
Área: Microbiología
Centro: Facultad de Medicina


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  • CNEAI research evaluation. 01/01/15
  • CNEAI research evaluation. 01/01/09
  • CNEAI research evaluation. 01/01/03
  • CNEAI research evaluation. 01/01/97
  • CNEAI research evaluation. 01/01/94
Categoría profesional: Cated. Universidad
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ORCID: 0000-0003-2993-5478

Líneas de investigación
  • Ciencias naturales y ciencias de la salud
Medico Especialista en Microbiología vinculado al Servicio de Microbiología Hospital Universitario Miguel Servet. Director del Grupo de Investigación de Genética de Micobacterias perteneciente al IIS Aragón y CIBERES.

Previous experimental Work: After ending my studies in Medicine in 1982, I focused my research in the understanding of the mechanisms of resistance in bacteria in the Department of Microbiology of University of Zaragoza under the direction of Professor Gomez-Lus. My postdoctoral studies were focused on the dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes by transposition between the chromosomes and plasmids in bacteria in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Cantabria under the Direction of Professor Juanma García-Lobo and Professor Fernando de la Cruz. In 1987, I came to Pasteur Institute in Paris, where I worked in the Unité de Génie Microbiologique (directed by Professor Julian Davies) and under the direct supervision of Professor Brigitte Gicquel specializing in Bacterial Genetics and Molecular Biology of Mycobacteria focusing in the study of the mechanisms of resistance in Mycobacteria and the mechanisms of pathogenicity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Present work: Our team aims to develop novel TB vaccines and vaccination strategies to improve protection against pulmonary TB: Since 2005 I am a full Professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Zaragoza and I am member of the Advisory Committee of Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI), with more than 30 years of experience in mycobacterial genetics. Our research group currently works in collaborative TB research projects together with research groups of Europe, Africa and America. Our research has been continuously funded by National and European Union Research Programs TB research since 1992. Our research group belongs to CIBERES, a research network on respiratory diseases of the Spanish Ministry of Health (Instituto de Salud Carlos III). I have published 182 articles that have been cited more than 10,100 times with a h-index of 44. I am co-inventor of several patents on "tuberculosis vaccine" owned by the University of Zaragoza, exclusively licensed to Biofabri as industrial partner and clinical developer of MTBVAC.

Member of National Committees:
Member of the working group to prepare the consensus document of "multidrug-resistant TB " of the European Academy of Sciences
Member of the Advisory Council of Research and Development of the Government of Aragon from 2009 to 2014
Member of the Research Commission of the University of Zaragoza from 2009 to 2018

Member of International Committees:
Steering Committee European Integrated Project "TB VAC" 2006-2009 FP6
Advisory Committee TBVI, European Initiative TB Vaccine since started in 2007 to date.

Membership of Scientific Societies: Spanish Society of Microbiology, American Society for Microbiology since 1991, International Union Against TB since 1996
Founding member of the TB Network of Latin America and the Caribbean University of the United Nations (1995)

Prizes: Ibercaja Investigación en Biomedicina 1995, Desarrollo Sostenible “Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo” 2006, Diario Médico Mejores Ideas 2006, Aragoneses del año 2010 “Ciencia y Tecnología” al Grupo de Genética de micobacterias, Aragón Investiga del Gobierno de Aragón la Excelencia investigadora 2010.

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